Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

“There are so many things you can learn about. BUT… you’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”

— Dr. Seuss, I can Read with My Eyes Shut

Testimonial – Salwa

Dear Graystone staff,

Thank you for all your evident engagement in preparing, planning, and delivering the Ramadan activities this year in your building. As a humble member of the Canadian-Muslim community in Hamilton, I am very proud to see this exceptional leadership in your building and consistent efforts geared towards including every child in the diverse classroom and preparing them to the diverse and rich Canadian community we live in. I am very grateful and thankful for all your work this year and all the questions you have brought forward to me.

Please enjoy a treat as sweet as your heart and your kindness.

– Salwa

Testimonial – Bryan Goulbourne

When it was time to start considering daycare for our son, we wanted to be sure that anywhere we sent him would be a space he would be safe, he would have fun and he would feel loved. We have found that in Graystone Early Learning Academy. This center has gone above and beyond by putting systems in place to ensure our son who has special needs has all the tools he needs to be the best that he can be. The peace of mind from knowing our son is safe and well cared for is invaluable and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending GCELA.

– D. Bryan-Goulbourne

Testimonial – Robbie Jr.

Our son Robbie Jr., started at Graystone when he was 18 months old and stayed until he graduated. His time there was incredibly formative but also fun! The curriculum was awesome, and he was very well prepared for Junior Kindergarten. He still tells us regular stories about his adventures at “little school” and he made close friends we remain in contact with. I also accredit Graystone with helping expand my son’s pallet as the lunches were always creative and allowed him to try all kinds of different foods.

Testimony – Tran Family

I was so happy when given the opportunity to leave a testimonial for our experience with Graystone! It was the best decision we made for our daughter's care and education.

They came so highly recommended that we knew we wanted to attend before she was born.

Elia and Anna Maria are such a joy to be in contact with. They are kind, professional, organized, caring and supportive. They have always welcomed open communication and run the facility seamlessly.

Miss Alex, Miss Carlene, and Miss Cathy were our daughter's teachers, and they were amazing! So caring and compassionate with the kids. They put a lot of work into organized units that helped promote learning through play, exploration, teamwork, and real-world application. Our daughter's confidence, empathy and kindness truly flourished in their class.

Having been enrolled and started at the height of the pandemic, we never once feared for health, safety or well being. The facility is clean, well maintained and all the necessary precautions were strictly adhered to. All the while still feeling welcoming and joyful for the kids with simple things like a caring embrace at drop-off.

Please look no further, if you can enroll your child at Graystone, take it! The quality of education, nutrition and care was beyond what we could have hoped for.

The Tran Family

Testimony – Nurturing

Graystone is a warm, welcoming, and nurturing establishment. Our son began in the Infant program and had since moved his way up to Preschool. In each program, the educators were caring, responsive, and engaging. Their collaborative and child-centred approach to teaching has truly fostered a love of learning in our son. Graystone has become a second home for our child, helping us in each step of his journey. As we approach graduation, we feel incredibly grateful for the Graystone community and the exceptional care they provide.

Testimonial – Karoline

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Graystone - it is simply an incredible children's learning academy. Best of all are the people - kind, warm, thoughtful, and very organized. Leaving your child for the first time can be very hard but somehow, they made it easier because we felt that we could trust them, and that our children would be safe. Our children grew to love all the teachers and it will be hard for them to say goodbye. In addition to the people, the establishment is very well run. They organize fun events, provide healthy meal options, ensure they maintain a clean facility and the curriculum is very well thought out stimulating new ways of thinking in both indoor and outdoor settings. We are so lucky to have found this place. Thank you for doing an incredible job and helping us parents!


Testimonial – Julie

Me and my husband love Graystone our first born attended this facility on their first opening day Roxanne went all the way thru enfant and finished in preschool, we believe they set her up for success when she began JK in the fall.  We now have our second daughter enrolled and can’t wait for her to experience all the great things her big sister did from the fun arts and crafts they do with the children to the yummy meals provided, Graystone Learning Academy is an amazing place for any child to learn and grow!


Testimonial – Angela

My son went to Graystone from 19 months (just after they opened) until September 2021 as he started JK. We have been beyond blessed with Graystone and the staff. My son grew up so much and learned so much during his time there. When he started there, we were seeing a feeding specialist as he was not eating solid foods and was the pickiest eater. They cook their foods fresh there and my son ate everything! If I made it at home, he wouldn't eat it lol. I loved that they had a camera in the classroom. It was nice and gave me a piece of mind that I was able to open it and see that he ate his breakfast, lunch, and snack and how he was interacting with his friends. If we are blessed with another child, we will be coming back as I trust the staff there. They have also been very diligent on Covid protocols and always kept us informed of any changes and everything was always clean, and they took everything seriously. Which made us as parents feel grateful and that our children were safe. We miss you all!

Thanks, Angela