About Us

At Graystone Children’s Early Learning Academy (GCELA), we believe in experiential learning in fostering the growth and development of young children and life-long learning.

For children, learning is achieved from working through daily  experiences by making connections to the world around them and through exploration of their individual interests and curiosity. We facilitate a learning environment that is child-initiated and teacher-supported, based on play and inquiry, where children’s dispositions to seek answers, ask questions, explore and negotiate are supported.

In creating and supporting these learning opportunities based on the children’s interests, we can ensure a love of learning that challenges the minds of young children to solve problems and construct new knowledge. Our natural learning environments, our relationships with our students and their families, our respect for children as participants in the learning process and their place as citizens of the world, make us a unique child care setting.

Meet our dedicated and experienced staff.

Meet our Staff